Questions & Answers

How many pictures can I add?

You can add 2 pictures for free. If you want to add more pictures, you need credits. In this case please check Buy credits

  • 10 credits = 5 pictures
  • 15 credits = 10 pictures
  • 20 credits = 20 pictures

What is the maximum size of uploaded picture?

  • Poll for free = 2,5MB (one picture)
  • Poll for credits = 5MB (one picture)

How long I have to wait for the publication of poll?

The average publication time is up to 15 minutes. In the worst case, 24 hours (For complex pictures, we need to check their origin and check if they fulfill the publishing conditions).

How do I know my poll was published?

After the poll has been approved by the Administrator, you will be sent an e-mail about successful publishing.

Why was not my poll approved by the Administrator?

Because it violates our publishing policies. You will be notified by e-mail. For more information, please check the page Terms & Conditions